A name: La ROSA. And a family, a brand of excellence in catering and hospitality. A dedication rewarded by guides and the loyalty of a constantly growing clientele. An unmistakable culinary style, alive and vital for over 100 years, thanks to the intuition of the founders - Giannetto and Carolina - and the evolution made by their children who, from generation to generation until the last years, have integrated tradition with the most modern techniques.

A harmony that translates into maximum exploitation of top quality raw materials, coming from the best production areas. Today, Trattoria La ROSA 1908 is run by Francesco and Adriana Malaguti and their two sons. Francesco is responsible for the wine cellar and hospitality in the restaurant and the residence. Adriana is the chef. Alessio collaborates with Francesco and Adriana and is responsible for the catering. Mattia runs the Emporio Armani café and restaurant in Bologna.


Adriana Malaguti, aka Adri, went from math college to family pots and pans... Her passion has infected her so much that every moment has become a pretext to follow, browse, study the secrets of her mother-in-law's cooking. Supported by a never self-congratulatory talent, she acquired a very personal style, mixing the recipes of Renata's cooking with the sensitivity and technique learned over the years. She never stopped learning.


Francesco dedicates himself completely to the art of hospitality, inherited from the gestures of his parents and becoming the patron of the restaurant. It’s up to him to coordinate the staff’s work, harmonizing the rhythms of the kitchen with the service of the waiters, but also telling the extraordinary story of La ROSA that has very few rivals... With the arrival of the dwelling, he took over the management, taking care with taste and attention to the furnishing of the rooms and the hospitality, well mixing professionalism and family warmth. He is the great creator of the La Rosa wine list, a superb selection of excellent labels from all over the world. His experience and knowledge make him ready to tell and advise them one by one.

It's him, the great creator of the LA ROSA Wine List, an excellent choice among the best worldwide wine labels. His experience and his knowledge make him ready to tell histories about every bottle of wine and to suggest you which one is the best for you.


Alessio is one of the two owners of the catering and is in charge of public relations, development, coordination and supervision of all La ROSA events. He is also personnel manager, which is scrupulously selected, often identified through important teaching collaborations. He is a valuable support in the management and coordination of the Emporio Armani Caffè and Ristorante in Bologna, from stylistic to gastronomic choices, from staff to attention to detail.


Mattia "betrayed" the family and he's gone managing Emporio Armani Caffé and Restaurant in Bologna, the first Armani branded Restaurant after the one in Milano. It's a safe harbor for fashion and beauty lovers.

Obviously, the restaurant in the heart of Bologna, offers beauty and fashion but also a fantastic gastronomic performance, a sweet and chic professionalism. This is Mattia's way to enjoy the customers!